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Farewell 2018, welcome 2019!


The law returned to Chunhui, and Vientiane began to update. We bid farewell to 2018 and ushered in the hopeful 2019! Although the Sino-US trade war intensified the global economic recession in 2018, the performance of the company was still steadily improving, the old products were blossoming, and the new products filled the gap. In the same year, the company won the title of “Provincial Enterprise Research Institute” and “Zhejiang Province”. Honorary title of “Export Famous Brand”, “Second Prize of Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award” and “Second Prize of Excellent Industrial New Product”!


 Last weekend, the 2018 work summary meeting was held at the Hangzhou headquarters. At the meeting, the head of the family first gave a speech and made a summary of the company's annual development and the planning outlook for the coming year! During the meeting, leaders of various departments and representatives of branch offices also actively summarized their speeches and reported on the work of the whole year. In addition, in response to the efforts of everyone for one year, the company also awarded awards and bonuses to various departments and outstanding individuals to encourage!


After the conclusion meeting, everyone is looking forward to the long-awaited annual meeting. The theme of this year is: "Do not forget the original heart, fight for the wonderful!" Around this theme, the company's human resources administration department planned a unique annual meeting of Teres. From the entrance sign to the wall, exquisite tea breaks, wonderful and continuous programs... Of course, there are indispensable gourmet banquets and the most anticipated sweepstakes!


Finally, on the occasion of the Spring Festival, I would like to pay a visit to you for your early years.I sincerely wish all old and new friends a happy New Year and a happy family!