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JLS begins construction of 16000 annul tons production facility in Shengzhou plant


May 16, 2021JLS, the earliest corporation in China that specialized in the research, development and manufacture of halogen-free flame retardants (HFFR), today started to build a new plant with a planned capacity of 16,000 tons of flame retardants and materials. 


The expansion project has a total construction area of about 50,000 square meters and a total of 8 main buildings. By enlarging capacity, JLS will meet customer demand due to increasing product applications and market demand. In the future, JLS-IFR product line will be more efficient and environmental protection. Product quality will also reach a new height.


 Shengzhou plant

Shengzhou plant is producing JLS-PNP/JLS-PNA series and other intumescent flame retardants for plastic and rubber application. Extremely low HRR, low VOC for the final product and a good water resistance performance for polyolefin are found and stable color stability of glass fiber reinforced PA are available with JLS flame retardants.