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The warm spring March——Women's day, only for you better


 The international 8th Mar Women’s day is coming again, JLS’s labor union invited the gynecological experts Renmin from Zhejiang Hospital to make a lecture about “care for women's health, away from breast cancer” to enhance women's health consciousness of female staffs and improve the quality of life and physical fitness.

Doctor Renmin is the gynecological experts of Zhejiang Hospital, with 20 years of gynecological clinical medical work experience. Thelecture is started from the breast cancer entering to China, and cases of well-known Stars are introduced to make us pay attention to breast cancer. The cancer symptoms, self-examination and some treatment methods were also shared with us to attach importance to the treatment of breast cancer.

Healthy living habits and good emotional management are the most important conditions to prevent all kinds of diseases. Doctor Renmin also shared with some life tips to make us benefit a lot.

With the rich details and warm atmosphere, the lecture gives us an alarm to live a more health and happy life in the future. Strive to achieve the goal of beautiful life with health physique and good mentality.


Presents have been offered for female staffs from labor union after the lecture .The cute green plants can decorate your desk and wishyou like beautiful flowers, with exuberant vitality.

 Wish all the ladies a happy holiday and have a happy life as same as flowers.

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