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Generation Show for us —JLS’s annual meeting of Spring Festival


The busy year of 2017 has passed, and the new year is coming with passion and challenge. JLS’s 2018 annual meeting of Spring Festival is started at 5:30 2nd Feb 2018 in JLS’s multimedia room of 6th floor. Colleagues from Shengzhou branch and Wenzhou branch have been invited to join the party and enjoyed a great evening with laughing and surprise.


The topic of the annual meeting is generation show. The multimedia room was decorated by the red certificates of merit, retro registration wall,  production dining hall, window grilles, couplets andfirecrackers, enamel cup and bowl suits with lots of childhood’s memories, which making us feel back to our childhood instantly.



The chairman of JLS Mr Qiu made the new year speech at the beginning of the party, reviewing the gratifying achievements of 2017 and looking forward to the glorious 2018. Mr Qiu expressed deep wishes to all employees and increased the quantity of awards, which make more people sharing the joy. In the end, Mr Qiu expressed the best wishes of good health and happiness to all the employees.


The achievement of JLS in 2017 is satisfying, which is results of every employee’s hard work. The chairman of labor union announced the 2017 annual assessment results after Mr Qiu’s speech. The annual advanced department, excellent team and the top ten outstanding employees were introduced and celebrated. And the majority of employees are encouraged to learn from them and make achievements in their respective positions.