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Textile coating

Textile has a larger fiber specific area, so it is easier to burn and the flame spreading faster. The hanging fabrics are flammable because of the large exposure area, with the flame flashing over the surface. All the traditional fabric fibers are flammable, and the difference is flammability rating. With the adoption of synthetic fibers, the ignition risk of textiles is reduced. The lightweight fabrics made of thermoplastic fiber have the self-extinguishment ability because of the existence of the fused drop phenomenon, but heavy fabric is easy to burn due to the large adhesion force of the molten polymer.


The actual purpose of flame resistant treatment to decorative fabrics is to postpone the speed of flame spread and reduce the release of toxic gases. 


Flame resistant coating is one of methods to achieve flame retardancy for fabrics.


Flame retardant solutions for textile coating:
Acrylic system: JLS-APP102, JLS-APP102 + JLS-MC25

PU system: JLS-APP103N, JLS-APP103N + JLS-MC25


Halogen-free, environmental, used widely in the industries which have the high requirements about flame resistant, such as back coating of automotive interior, carpet, curtain and protective frock.


Flame resistant standards: