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PU Leather

As a high performance material, PU leather is used widely in the applications of interior decoration of high buildings, automobile and furniture. The advantages are indicated as air permeability, heat insulation, anti-aging, sweat resistance, abrasion resistance and puncture prevention.

Polyurethane material is an organic polymer material, which can get fire easily. It will burn ,decompose and produce lots of toxic fumes and gases after burning, which will endanger the safety of personal property, especially in furniture and automobile industries.


For above special application industries, excepting for leather required hand feeling, physical and mechanical performance and volatile atomization index, proper flame retardant treatment should be made to meet the safety fireproofing requirements from customers and regulations from government.


Flame retardant solutions for PU Leather:

Dry process:  JLS-APP103N/JLS-APPT

Wet process: JLS-PNA


Flame resistant standards: FMVSS302、GB-8410、USA.CA117、BS5852