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JLS presents the innovative flame retardant solutions in CHINAPLAS


CHINAPLAS is the second largest exhibition in the world after Germany's K show approved by UFI, which have a big influence in the industry. Started from 1987, CHINAPLAS have grown up together with China plastics and rubber industries for more than 30 years, promoting the development of China rubber industry. CHINAPLAS was held in the National Exhibition and Convention Center (shanghai) since 2018 and hit a history record, with165 thousand visitors in 3 days. 

JLS joined the exhibition with the economical and low dosage flame retardant solutions on nylon industry and new energy batteries and components.

About JLS

JLS is the earliest domestic high-tech corporation for specializing in developing and manufacturing halogen-free flame retardants (HFFR) and HFFR materials. JLS’s products are used widely in many industries, such as transportation, construction materials, electronics & electrical appliances and new energy devices and so on. We are offering services for lots of “Fortune Global 500” enterprises and leading enterprises on different industries, taking the leading position on the technology of halogen-free flame retardant industry and marketshare. From the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa Tower to Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the stadium of 2014 World Cup in Brazil, JLS flame retardants exist everywhere in your life.

About the application of halogen-free flame retardants

About the halogen-free flame retardant application in new energy automotive

Auto ignition of the automobile is mostly caused by electrical aging. When a vehicle is launched, short circuit is easily occurred for the aging circuit. And the encapsulated rubber wire will be ignited by the spark from the electric current. Then the interior and engine of the car will be ignited till the burning of the whole car.

Most components of the car will use flame resistant materials, especially for “new energy car”. Customers will focused a lot on the application of new materials in this popular field. Comparing with traditional automobile, more and different choices for materials will have for new energy automobile, such as battery module, charging pile, charging gun so on. And all of them need use flame resistant materials. 

With the promoting of new energy automobile, more auto ignition problems will happen because of the circuit reason. High flame resistant requirements will be raised to us on electric wireinterior and other components .How to offer a efficient and environmental flame resistant solution without changing the properties of material itself. It will be a new mission to us.