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Intumescent coating-hydrocarbons


2019 10 16

With the increasing demand of oil and gas in China, the petroleum refining and chemical enterprises have made great progress. The steel structure is the main body of the refining device with the poor flame resistant ability. When the temperature is higher than 300 degree C, the yield strength of the steel structure will be reduced sharply. The strength of the steel will lose efficacy rapidly when the temperature exceeds 600 degree C, which will lead to the collapsing and destroying of the structure. The fire of refinery enterprises belongs to hydrocarbon fire, which is more violent than cellulose fire. The temperature of the hydrocarbon fire rises faster and higher, so the damage is more serious. The fire resistant protection for steel structure of refinery and chemical devices usually adopt fireproof coating, and epoxy fireproof coating is applied widely in this field due to its excellent mechanical properties, bond strength and corrosion resistance.


12/8/2015, the dangerous goods warehouse of Tianjin Ruihai company had a fire explosion accident.

Reason of the accident: The nitrocellulose was getting spontaneous combustion after heat accumulation, causing the longtime and large area burning for the adjacent nitrocellulose containers and other dangerous chemicals, which lead to the explosion of ammonium nitrate placed on the arrival zone.


Property loss: 165 people were killed and 798 people were injured during the accident, and more than 17000 residential buildings, 779 commercial tenant, 304 buildings, 12428 commodity cars and 7533 containers were damaged. The approved total economic loss is 6 billion and 866 million according to the statistical standard of enterprise workers’ economic loss for casualty accidents.


Responsible personnel: Punitive comments have been proposed by investigation team for 123 responsible personnel according to the result of the investigation.


Flame retardant solutions for hydrocarbon intumescent coating:

Acid source: JLS-APP series

Gas source: JLS-MELAMINE

Carbon source: JLS-PENTA


Flame resistant standards: UL1709

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