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Foam insulation materials


2019 10 16

PU foam insulation material:

Polyurethane foam is a kind of new synthetic materials with the abilities of insulation and waterproof. With the low thermal conductivity at 0.022 ~ 0.033W/ (m* K), equivalent to the half of the extruded sheet, currently the lowest thermal conductivity in all insulation materials, it is widely used in building insulation system.


It should be noted that polyurethane foam is highly inflammable and the burning speed is very quickly. And at the same time, the combustion process will release toxic gas, so the relevant enterprises will make flame resistant treatment to meet the application standard requirements.


15/11 Shanghai fire disaster caused heavy casualties. Why the fire is so serious?


After careful investigation to the burned building, many hazard factors were found:

The building is surrounded by scaffolding;
The outsider of the building is covered by nylon net ;

The scaffold is made of bamboo sheet;

The building facade is covered by a lot of polyurethane foam insulation materials

All the material mentioned above are flammable, especially for polyurethane foam. It will release

Highly toxic hydrogen cyanide gas after burning, And people will poison to death if inhaled.


Flame retardant solutions for PU FOAM:




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