Intumescent coating-construction

Why intumescent fire resistant coating protection is required for steel construction?

The property of steel is very stable under the temperature of 250 degree C, and the strength will decrease gradually higher than the temperature of 300 degree C. When the temperature is between 450 degree C and 650 degree C, it will decrease to zero within 15mins, which will lead to the drastic consequences because of the collapsing of steel construction. So fire resistant coating protection is necessary for steel construction to improve flame resistant limitation according to the code for design of building fire protection.

Intumescent fire resistant coating is popular on the market because of the thin coating and excellent decoration effect.

Classical Case:

The World Trade Center of Manhattan was collapsed instantly during the 9/11.The main reason is the steel construction of the building was melted by aircraft fuel. The building was designed 25years ago and fire resistant coating protection was not applied on in that time. And it can save more lives if the building was protected by fire resistant coating, which can earn more precious time for people to escape.

The theory of fireproofing:

Insulation effect,the heat transfer is stopped by intumescent carbon layer

Heat absorption because of the intumescent process, it will absorb lots of heat during the process of softening , fusion, evaporation and intumescence of the coating and resolving of the carbon layer.

Oxygen isolation, the intumescent carbon layer have the function of covering.

Dilute the oxygen content and release the non-inflammable gas.

Flame retardant solutions for intumescent coating:

Acid source: JLS-APP series

Gas source: JLS-MELAMINE

Carbon source: JLS-PENTA

Classic three sources intumescent system, suitable for water based/solvent based extra-thin/thin intumescent coating.


Epoxy based intumescent coating: JLS-APP104MF

Flame resistant standards: EN, DIN, BS, ASTM, GB.

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